Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is Halal?


Halal is an Arabic term which means permissible. Anything a Muslim is allowed to conduct or consume is known as Halal. In food, Halal calls for a special food requirements.


2) Where can I find the Al Safa products?


Al Safa products are gaining popularity and are readily available in North America. They can be found in all major supermarket chains in Canada including NoFrills, Food Basics, FreshCo., Wal-mart, Loblaws, Metro, as well as your local Halal grocery stores near you. In the USA, Al Safa products can be found in select Kroger, A&P Jetro Cash & Carry stores as well as your local Halal grocery stores.


3) What are some of the new categories which Al Safa is launching?


We are very excited to announce that we’ve extended our product line into more categories. You can now also find Al Safa products in the following categories: Savory Solutions, Ethnic Delights, Gourmet Deli, Rice, Fresh Our aim is to provide you the products that you and your family require for a great meal. Keep visiting our website for information on new products and new categories for the Al Safa family!


If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.